Review: All Nerve by the Breeders

All Nerve by the BreedersThe Breeders never really went away – well, Kim Deal never really did, although this is her group’s first record for a decade – but what makes All Nerve interesting is how it sees the reunion of the band’s second, and perhaps most iconic, line-up: the roster that gave us Last Splash, and its hit “Cannonball”, back in 1993. Instantly, the expectations goes heavy. Will the record recapture that buzz from twelve-five years ago? Not really – things have changed, after all, and they have changed a lot. The second half of the album feels a little underwhelming, even – but that’s considering the first half, where the group’s subtleties come clear: there’s no loud entry, as you might expect, but a slow build, particularly on single “Wait in the Car”, which just goes “bang!” during the chorus. But that’s the sneaky thing about All Nerve. You do not get instant gratification, particularly considering the line-up’s storied past. Still, you get a confident record where the new environment is acknowledged and the best is made out of it. Ultimately, All Nerve is the best you can get at this point. Initial feelings aside, it does feel right. [NB]4/5

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