Review: Superorganism by Superorganism

Superorganism by SuperorganismHow to feel old: listen to Superorganism. Without learning of the band’s backstory, you know their music is, well, of and in the zeitgeist: a little horizontal, a little random, a method of sorts to the madness. Then you read of how the band created the record through email, across continental divides – members come from Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the UK – and you feel really old. That said, there’s something particularly appealing about this group. Attention tends to focus on vocalist Orono Noguchi, 17 and yet both wide-eyed and world-weary in her singing – but credit must go equally to the jumpy, glitchy, decidedly random production that provides character to what threatens to be a one-track thing. But then, without Orono, the album would sound too… random, you know? She keeps it grounded. And that’s where my nitpicking with the record begins. Superorganism’s debut is nice – collage pop that’s vivid and of its time, but thankfully not exactly an “Internet record” – but nothing there gave me an “oh, wow!” moment. Even its songs are unremarkable on the radio, at least compared to the hype. Too much expectation on this one, then, when they should be given a chance to settle into their rhythms, considering the unusual backstory. [NB]3/5

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