“The phantom of the opera is now your mastermind.”

“The Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley | I’m not a musical person, clearly, but I am posting this because for weeks Shalla has been singing the hook of the song, and last weekend we spent some time watching different versions of this song. Well, all right, it’s Nicole Scherzinger‘s, and watching that led us to Leona Lewis doing Cats, which is terrible acting-wise, and that led us to the rekindling of a recent conversation we’ve had, of how we should watch a musical sooner or later. It reminds me of how long it’s been since I watched a stage play. A decade? Anyway, we then watched Sierra Boggess‘ version, which fans (phans) say is one of the best. I don’t really know. But then, maybe I should be watching a musical soon. [NB]

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