Review: Synesthesia by Yeng Constantino

Synesthesia by Yeng ConstantinoSynesthesia is the condition where one sense is also perceived through light – say, you see colors when you hear sounds. Yeng Constantino admitted to having that just as her new album (of the same name!) drops – a bit of heavy-handed marketing, although you’d learn to forgive that since Yeng has mostly delivered across her career. She’s made an effort to move away from her pop-rock origins in her last album, 2014’s All About Love, and with this record she seems more relaxed – must be the married life settling in. This time it’s, dare I say it, more of an R&B record, but not entirely horizontal, and with a bit more playfulness. “Pinipigil”, the album starter, is the best example of the sound: electronics-driven, but with a slightly hipster edge that should appeal to all. It’s a bit disappointing that the rest of the record proceeds to strip that template down: the songwriting is still strong, but the sounds feel watered-down, and Yeng’s voice feels strained as a result. It’s not bound to be a perfect record, but at least Synesthesia gives a bit of justice to the title: it’s a nicely-textured, somewhat colorful album that further proves Yeng isn’t resting on her laurels. [NB]3/5

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