“You and I were meant to get love right.”

“Built to Last” by MêléeThis was my college years jam. No, really, it is. I have it in italics to stress it. This was released around 2007, and was played by Jam back when they were still in that pleasant alternative-ish pop lane. I loved it to bits. I loved the piano, I loved the build-up towards the bridge (and that lyric up there), and then I loved the sentiment, even when all I had at the time was unrequited love, or, perhaps, “love”. I listened to this on the bus ride home, thinking of… well, I’ll leave you guys to look that up. I’ve always wondered what happened to Mêlée, the group; they parted ways in 2012, and vocalist Chris Cron was, well, someone who I just wrote about yesterday. As for me, I remember telling Shalla – same year the band split up – when we were still new together that she’s my only shot at getting this relationship thing right. I hope I have not failed her. [NB]

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