“Do you ever wonder if you will do great for others?”


“tell me it’s going to be ok” by savedhistory | Somewhere I missed the boat on the cassette tape making a comeback. Interestingly, the first two cassettes I have encountered this year (digitally, I must also point out) is from female producers based in the Philippines. We wrote about Pamcy last month; today we write about someone we know as Nads, aka savedhistory. (Note the lack of caps.) Her new EP, las drogas son (no) buenas para ti, just dropped, and there are only 25 cassette tapes of it available online (get it here). It’s texturally different: it’s lo-fi, it’s quiet, it’s brooding. I also know I’m missing something by listening to it through a stream. I’m having flashbacks to a time when cassettes were still de rigueur, when you muck about with your uncles’ dusty tape collection late at night and wonder what’s behind the list of tracks (before we called them tracks). But you can’t play it, because your uncle will be mad at you. It all seemed like a mystery, and so is this one, in its succinct, warped fashion. I surprisingly like it. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

One thought on ““Do you ever wonder if you will do great for others?”

  1. Nads is such an amazing artist frm Manila! glad she’s getting recognition she deserves

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