Review: Vide Noir by Lord Huron

Vide Noir by Lord Huron“Lost in Time and Space”, the first track of Lord Huron’s new record Vide Noir, is not a sign of things to come – but I thought it was. “Great, more space-y stuff.” Not that it’s a bad thing, but sometimes when acts embrace the psychedelia and the reverb of the cosmos they overdo it. Not this band: for their major label debut they wisely go the subtle route and produce a record where the cosmic inspiration is merely apparent. You can hear it in the reverb, yes; you can hear it in just how more intense (read: bassy) it sounds. But they don’t overegg the pudding. Underneath it all the act is still the purveyor of dreamy Americana that they always were, but it just feels more fresh, more distinct, more potent. And suddenly “Lost in Time and Space” becomes a sign of things to come, not sonically, but thematically: how everything seems serene before take-off, when the rocket lifts and you’re uncertain and apprehensive and yet excited. The cosmic metaphor isn’t that literal, mind you, but it feels that thrilling. [NB]4/5

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