Review: For Now by DMA’s

For Now by DMA'sThe interesting thing about DMA’s is how, despite being Australian, they sound like they could come from anywhere. It may sound like a criticism, but alternately it’s also a sign that they do what they do pretty competently. (I also am aware it can be difficult to recognize a sheen of Aussie-ness in most Aussie bands.) In particular, they’re mining the Britpop sound, which they continue to do on second record For Now, only now the palette is wider: they’ve expanded their purview to that era in the heyday of Britpop when things got ethereal but not too weird. It’s what some would derisively call “landfill indie”; this album is also what some would call “landfill indie”. It is still a competent record, coasting along nicely, a comfortable three-quarters of an hour or so. You’ll have to pay attention for a song to pop out – my particular highlight is album closer “Emily Whyte” – but otherwise it’s the sort of thing you’d keep in the background and not think about. Not sure if that’s a good thing in the long run. DMA’s ought to figure out how to make a more active impression from here on. [NB]3/5

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