“Mars eus keus, dro keus, a po nag eus keus – dro’n pyth eus!”

“Eus Keus?” by Gwenno | I heard this song on 6 Music a few weeks back and it sat on the back burner while life got in the way. I remember not understanding a thing, but being caught by the music. Now I have the context, and it’s a bit sad: this song is in Cornish, and the entire album (Le Kov, roughly translating to A Place In Memory) is in Cornish, and Gwenno – Gwenno Saunders, who you might remember from the Pipettes – made this record partly in response to the British government cutting funding for the development of the Cornish language. It’s a language I haven’t heard elsewhere – and this comes from a guy who listened to Welsh people speak on a random radio trip. She’s Welsh, but her father is Cornish, and she’s hoping to capture the language in an album, which includes songs like this one, a trippy little delight which essentially asks, “where’s the cheese?” Well, if you’re making a linguistic record, you don’t have to be grandiose, at least on one level. [NB]

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