earthings! World Cup of Music: Group C

earthings! World Cup of MusicFor me Group C is one of the more open and interesting groups of the World Cup opening stages – four countries with different styles and footballing cultures, and and I’m not convinced that France will have it all their own way. Our World Cup of Music is even more open, with four countries with a rich musical history. [AW]



We’ll start off with Australia, where there are simply streams of indie pop style bands i could list from Architecture in Helsinki, the Lucksmiths to one of my own favorites Howling Bells. [Editor’s note: me too.] Then of course there’s Tame Impala, the Temper Trap, the Go-Betweens, of course even Crowded House, if that’s your type of thing. More recently I’ve been listening to newcomers like Fyre Bird, in the post-rock sphere there’s great bands like Sleepmakeswaves and the Dirty Three, but my choice is a band from Byron Bay who write the most wonderful fusion of psychedelic rock pop, They’re called Sunrose and this track ‘Whirlwhind’ is from their latest EP.



While earthings! is a multi-million dollar enterprise and has a team of musical writers jetting all around the world to discover new music, then I’ll be first to volunteer for Peru, with such a tradition of music, but also an interesting experimental and indie rock scene. Lima band Mercury Toys would be top of my list to see, along with Mundaka (who’ve been featured in music publications across the world), and then there’s Juan Girls, Serto Mercurio, the more experimental Liquidarlo Celuloide – and then there’s the incredible Fifteen Years Old that needs a mention too. But my choice to represent Peru is indie popsters Los Zapping and their easy listening fuzzy guitar sounds – check out their track “Archie”.



On to France, and home to one of my favourite musical projects anywhere, the incredible Melody’s Echo Chamber (if by any chance you haven’t come across the musical project of Melody Prochet, check this, and her brand new album, out), and then there were bands like Revolver (the French version), the Penelopes and Stuck in the Sound. Polo & Pan are an incredible listen too, But I haven’t picked many alternative acts with heavier guitars, so here’s a more recent release from Paris based Plymouth Fury.


We finish the group with Denmark, and there’s been such an incredible surge of good music coming from this country in the last few years, I’ll struggle to name all my favorites, so here’s just a few: Baby in Vain, Ghost of Belle Starr, a progressive pop gem of a band called the Sleeplings, the incredible the Radar Post, the soft charms of Select Captain, Son of Caesar… not forgetting composer Frisk Frugt and a whole stream of psychedelic bands. But my Danish representative is one of my favourite bands from the last 12 months – this is a great shoegaze indie pop track from ONBC, formally known as the Oliver North Boys Choir.


Group Winner: Denmark
Runners-up: Australia


[Tomorrow: a diverse mix of musical acts form Group D.]


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