“Rak en rol hanggang umaga!”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Sugod” by Sandwich | It’s July, which means it’s time once again for Great Philippine Song Hits, where we cover a whole month with classics from Filipino musicians. (This is the fourth year we’ve done it; here’s what we’ve done so far.) And there’s no better way to start this than with an act who marked twenty years just a few months ago – conveniently covering up the fact that I have been holding off on featuring these guys for so long because I didn’t want to run out of material so fast. But, really, twenty years of Sandwich? I’ve said this a few months ago, but they still sound as potent now as they did then. It’s interesting where camaraderie and musical restlessness brings you. At twenty years, bands can get a bit complacent, or worse, people lose interest in your new stuff. But these guys have stuck to their guns by not sticking to them. Whenever I start listening to a new album from the band there’s always a thrill of not knowing what will happen. There are constants, sure, but they aren’t obvious – and I’m thinking that’s why they’re still up there after all these years, whether you be left of center, or decidedly to the right, of musical tastes. They’re a band to be envied. How else would we start this month’s batch of song hits? [NB]

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