“Wala pang isang minuto, nahulog na ang loob ko sa’yo.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Prinsesa” by Teeth | It’s always interesting to trace the connections – the many connections – between Filipino bands based on where else their members pop up. Yesterday we discussed Sandwich; they share a drummer with Teeth – also, get well soon, Mike! – which makes for a good segue from our post yesterday. Formed during the heyday of the grunge revolution, in 1993, they’ve had some memorable hits – this one, of course, is still a staple of local rock playlists, alongside their other trademark hit “Laklak”, a cautionary tale that sounds irresistible nonetheless, and the song that crossed them over to the mainstream, partly because of the controversial themes. Their ascent was somewhat scuttled by vocalist Glenn Jacinto facing medical issues, and later he migrated to the United States alongside bassist Pedz Narvaja. Still, Teeth’s influence – both in redefining alternative music to a mainstream audience, as well as in developing talents who are still active in the scene today – is, if you’ll forgive me a dental pun, permanent. [NB]

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