“Go not gently and rage with me.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Rage” by the Jerks | The difficulty with this tangent on classic Filipino bands is how there’s little easily available information on them – a contrast with their towering stature in the grand scheme of things. The Jerks is yet another example. Founded in 1979, its members have included luminaries such as Jun Lopito, Angelo Villegas and Nitoy Adriano – and its co-founder and frontman, Chickoy Pura, still rules the roost. Like their contemporaries they have honed a reputation through their live performances (there are many comparisons to the Rolling Stones) and their lyrical themes – and how effortlessly they merge the two. It’s an edge honed by time and maturity, so much so that they kept that edge by the time they finally released their first albums in the 1990s. Haligi ng Maynila, released in 1997, still won critical plaudits despite not selling well. “Rage” is a distillation of all that, although that barely covers everything the Jerks can do – “Reklamo Nang Reklamo” and “Romantic Kill” show yet different sides. So hard to dig. Why does it have to be so hard? [NB]

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