Review: One & Six by APink

One & Six by APinkOn their last couple of releases APink has seemingly hesitated on what step to take next. Pink Revolution saw them try to sound a little more mature; its follow-up, Pink Up!, saw them take a step back. If anything, it proved that the K-pop veterans can do both – and also that a gradual evolution is the way to go. That makes One & Six a bit of a surprise: it is a giant leap. The visuals are different; the name drops the “pink” convention again; and the lead single, “I’m So Sick”, hits the accelerator on that classy, clubby sound – a sound you’d not expect from the girls, despite the whole evolution thing we just said earlier. It makes enough of an impression that, even if the rest of the mini settles down into something more familiar (but with a bit more edge), you can’t help but imagine that hazy aesthetic. Does it suit them? It takes some getting used to – and the lead single reminds me of Lovelyz at the start, for some reason – but they can carry it, no doubt. Whether this is really the direction they’ll take now, or if they’ll take another step back, remains to be seen. [NB]3/5

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