“Wala na’kong hihingin pa.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Ikaw Lamang” by Silent Sanctuary | The next three entries to Great Philippine Song Hits, including this one, are there mostly because they were my college hits. I’ve written a lot about how the mid-2000s saw everything converge on the local guitar scene, from the cool kids to the senti ones who just want a song to relate to. Silent Sanctuary drilled down on that relatability more than most: I think it’s the violin giving their songs that romantic tinge, not to mention that extra level of oomph that helped them stand out from the rest of the bands coming out at the time. But the band took a while to find its footing: their breakout album, Fuschiang Pag-ibig, came out after a change in vocalists. Even if the excitement died down they still remained active, although there were some more line-up changes, most recently with Chino David moving to Hale (wait, that’s a spoiler for tomorrow). But the formula helped, I think, in bridging what unfortunately are Filipino music’s two audiences. Well, they’re hardly the only one, but they were one of the few with that magic extra. It is the romantic tinge. [NB]

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