“Judging from the way you make me high, it’s worth it.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Perfect” by True Faith | You may know True Faith now for singing – and I know this will sound snotty – songs that are firmly in the middle of the road, but there’s a more alternative origin story. They named themselves after that New Order song, and made their breakthrough on the late 99.5 RT, then the pinnacle of cool. (I know that’s what the Wikipedia article says, but I also saw the station particularly acknowledged in a best-of album my dad owned, and that dovetailed nicely with the time I got hooked to the station the first time. But I digress.) It makes sense – they had new wave aspirations, as is standard at the time, and their debut “Perfect” sounds a bit like Mike Francis’ “Let Me In” if you think of it. But now that also sounds a bit middle of the road, too, which I think speaks wonders about the, err, true essence of True Faith. It is a comforting blanket even if you’re coming in blind. I really enjoyed that compilation CD (particularly this song) precisely because of how it drew in a lot of influences and styles. And then, of course, there’d Medwin Marfil, one of the band’s constants, still delivering after all these years. And then the whole MGMT thing happened from out of nowhere. Full circle. [NB]

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