Review: Endless Scroll by Bodega

Endless Scroll by BodegaDo we call Bodega a “post-millennial” band? I hate that tag, for starters – I saw Scout give that adjective to the Ransom Collective and wanted to puke. But then, what do you call bands who are incredibly in tune with whatever concerns we see them post about on Twitter? Okay, that feels too old-person-yelling-at-cloud snarky. Bodega are actually quite interesting in how they straddle two worlds. There’s a deadpan nature to them – they sound like a band that can’t be arsed – but they care deeply about the world, or at least the world they engage in. The result is some surprisingly potent rock that borrows from post-punk, garage and maybe definitely that sprinkling of New York grit. Everything is short, peppered with generated voice interludes, and very quotable – my snark earlier fit in to this review! I can still pass off as young! Maybe not for long, but Endless Scroll manages to capture just what this upstart band is all about, without really being all up-in-your-face about it. This won’t break them out to the big time, but it’s a really interesting start, still. [NB]4/5

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