“Saan ka man ay halina kayo!”

Great Philippine Song HitsEat Bulaga! theme composed by Vic Sotto and written by Vincent Dy-Buncio | Yep, we went there. But why not? If you’ve grown up at any time in the past four decades there’s a really good chance you know this song, even if you preferred rival shows. I’ll say I have a soft spot for Eat Bulaga!, the noontime variety show which premiered in 1979, moved networks twice, saw its fortunes come and go (and come, and come some more) and put itself at the forefront of Philippine pop culture, for better or worse. Whatever your opinion may be of its hosts, of how conservative its outlook is, or whether you really just hate AlDub because they’re “jologs”, you’ll have to admit that this song – in all its versions, although I am very partial to the 1990s version because I grew up with it, back when Philippine TV shows had proper titles – is part and parcel of every Filipino’s life. It just feels comforting, so familiar. Incidentally, last Saturday they began celebrations for their 40th year on air, never mind that they actually reach that age 54 weeks from today. But why can’t they celebrate early? They’ve certainly earned it. [NB]


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