“You gotta know that I love you from the start.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Itsumo” by Dice & K9 | I’ll admit, once again, that hip-hop is my weak spot. I’ve never really been into it. I know there’s a really strong hip-hop scene in the country, but I can’t make myself dip my feet. Must be years of perceptions, or tastes calcifying. How different things would have been if this blog leaned towards hip-hop, no? I wouldn’t have been confused that Mobbstarr is a new name for the group I knew as Dice & K9, who most of us likely knew from “Itsumo” back in 2003 – that one song with English verses and a Japanese chorus (supposedly from Hikki) whose low-key production drew a lot of us in. (Also, it’s not really a new name.) Somehow, that tied in with the them when kids played Ragnarok and had this playing on the radios that filled the computer shops. (I never played that game.) Feels carefree. But, yeah, the Cebu-based group are still around, and while the hip-hop scene is much harder to get into than the indie one, if you judge from the number of entry points, these guys still tower above many others. The “royalty” tag isn’t a flimsy one. [NB]

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