“Maalala mo sanang may nagmamahal sa’yo.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Ulan” by Cueshé | Looking back, Cueshé was the band many loved to hate, for some reason. Was it because they’re cheesy? Their hits during the mid-2000s – “Ulan”, “Stay”, “Sorry” – were cheesy, but in hindsight, this country did produce a lot of these pop-rock ballads, and they’re not always the kind you don’t ever want to be associated with. Was it because former vocalist Jay Justiniani looked too pretty for the part? That hairstyle was cool then, though – this was when we were all fresh off Meteor Garden. But then people pointed out that “Stay” essentially ripped off Silverchair and boom, a reason for the cool kids to really drill down their dislike: plagiarists! I’ve always wondered what happened to Cueshé, one of the many from Cebu who made it big nationally during the alternative wave in the middle of the last decade. Their rock may have had an expiration date, but listening back today, at least to their bigger hits, I can’t deny how anthemic they were. I see their name in bars across the metro, sporadically, but they haven’t had the profile they had back then. Were we too mean? [NB]

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