Review: Love Monster by Amy Shark

Love Monster by Amy SharkI’ve heard Amy Shark’s singles before sitting down to listen to Love Monster and I actually quite enjoyed them. This one, though, is more difficult. Perhaps it’s because it’s long: at just over three quarters of an hour it gets tiring, hearing that she can do better but is actually trapped in the sonic parameters she was given. Her songs are piercing; the storytelling manages to be both personal and visceral. But all that is tempered down by the insistence to sound glitchy and gloomy and… dare I say… a bit like Lorde, but from across the ditch? But not with the weirdness that comes built in with her vocals. Amy Shark doesn’t do that. Her voice is different, yes, but it’s comfortable, easy to settle in. The result is an album that can feel like a mismatch of elements, and overall feels like something you should love more than you do. But then, take the songs one by one and listen to them alongside others – Amy is beguiling there. Some decisions on the album could have been better, but they’re hardly her fault. The album’s lead producer, Dann Hume, worked alongside Lisa Mitchell, so why the choices on this one? [NB]3/5

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