Review: Red Moon by Mamamoo

Red Moon by MamamooHas Mamamoo gone too hot? The transformation isn’t really a surprise. Red Moon is designed to be a continuation of the template they set with Yellow Flower: a more mature sound and image, highlighting the individual charms (to use K-pop parlance) of its four members. When that album came out I felt that they’ve succeeded, at the expense of making them feel like “hazy figures from a distance” – a bit dramatic, but then, I am a fan. That makes me a bit more frustrated for Red Moon. Sure, a part of it is whiplash from the “Egotistic” music video, which is really the same as “Starry Night” but with the visuals and concept turned up to 11 – it felt like a pastiche. Remove that, and the song is all right: serviceable, not exactly memorable. The rest of the album is the same, with the exception of “Sky Sky”, which sees the group actually take the innocent, pure route taken by the likes of APink and GFriend – and which somehow works, thanks to Wheein being really versatile vocally. On the other hand, “Sleep in the Car” – a live fan favorite – appears in the mini seemingly to walk back on the whole inaccessible criticism I made, as if I have enough sway. But the result is your typically inconsistent K-pop album, which is a shame, because its predecessor wasn’t. Or maybe the whole individual charms thing has been overwhelming. [NB]3/5

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