Review: Sunny Summer by GFriend

Sunny Summer by GFriendHere I am thinking, “maybe GFriend have realized their last three comebacks have been… sad.” Nothing wrong with that – I actually liked that direction they took, although the minis, like most of K-pop, have been inconsistent – but then, here they are with Sunny Summer, which from the name alone suggest something sunny, something, er, summer-y. They did call this a “summer mini-album” and the five tracks are upbeat, bouncy, but with the GFriend character we’ve expected in their earlier stuff – the “Me Gustas Tu” template is all over the record. That also means this is an inconsequential record, but that is not a criticism. This is a summer record. K-pop loves the dance-y stuff at this time of the year. I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting this, though, because the trend seemed to go towards something more sublime (see Lovelyz’s summer single “Wag-zak”) or something hotter (see APink and Mamamoo‘s latest releases). This is a throwback to the old times, to when summer songs were feel-good anthems rather than out-and-out bids for pop chart domination. (I know Twice are doing this too, but they’re in that awkward stage of rediscovery… thankfully, because they have to.) Now here I am thinking, “is the next album going to be really sad?” [NB]3/5


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