“Ewan ko ba kung bakit type kita.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“T.L. Ako Sa’yo” by Cinderella | There were, seemingly, two sides to the Manila Sound phenomenon that swept the country in the mid-1970s. On one hand, we had the disco stylings – in some places, more aggressive than you’d expect – from the likes of VST & Co. and Hotdog. On the other hand, we had the more mellow sounds of… well, VST & Co. and Hotdog. I always wished I could live in the time period, not for the political upheaval but for the rush you get when you turn on the radio (FM was a new thing back then) and hear all these songs, warm and fuzzy as they are. Cinderella – whose music leaned more towards the jazzy and laid back – gets a bit buried. But their love songs – buoyed by the Tracyanne Campbell-esque vocals of Cecille Colayco and the late Yolly Samson – delivered imagery that is both romantic and, as is standard at the time, a bit more street-smart and in tune with everybody else’s pulse: the street slang, the humor, that you can’t quite get away with these days, at least without eyebrows going up. A few years ago I discovered the band on a random radio trip, and realized we don’t hear them a lot anymore. We still don’t. So let this be another bid at rediscovery for all of us. It’s cheesy? No, it’s just right. [NB]

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