Review: Stomachine by Stomachine

Stomachine by StomachineDisclaimer: Stomachine is one of those local bands that was bound to pass me by. I’ve heard of them, but I’m not immersed enough in this scene to even have a chance to be intimate with them. When I read the ABS-CBN News review of their newly-released eponymous debut – the one where the record was called “one of the best OPM albums of the year” – I thought, it could be good, but could I get into it? You know local indie – there’s a lot of good stuff but sometimes it’s sold in a way that makes you think only those in the know, only those who can understand the references and the inspirations, can ever make sense of the record. It’s a shame, because Stomachine have some really good tunes, and it should not be difficult for anyone outside of the sphere to get into. There’s the delicious song craft; there’s the equally delicious interplay between vocalists Tricky Asperin and Ean Aguila (him of Ang Bandang Shirley) which propel things even further. Perhaps it says something that these songs are ten years old – they are potent no matter when. Ultimately, you don’t really have to be in the know to appreciate Stomachine. Perhaps you will have to find it – it’s exclusively online – and then give it some time. It’s worth it. [NB]4/5

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