“Stand up on your own, go out there and strike out.”

“Aretha” by Rumer | With news that soul legend Aretha Franklin is “gravely ill”, my mind went back to this song. I actually have a copy of the album where this song came from – Seasons of My Soul, the 2010 debut from British singer Rumer. It’s buried somewhere now, a bit of a relic of a time when discovering a new artist felt really high-stakes because you only could buy their album and base everything on some vaguely glowing, PR-driven reviews. But then her voice is worth it: there’s an easy comparison to Karen Carpenter, but you can’t really put her on a middle-of-the-road box like you’re wont to do… or it’s just me. Anyway, this song – it’s clearly a tribute to Aretha, but it’s not really a paean to her music, but rather an ode to the impact her music (and her activism) has made through all these years. It’ll take a lot of time to go through her discography, but impact-wise you can’t go wrong with this little ditty. [NB]

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