Review: Coup de Grace by Miles Kane

Coup de Grace by Miles KaneFrankly, even if it shouldn’t be, it’s quite difficult reviewing a Miles Kane album. On the one hand, it is a fun listen. That’s Coup de Grace on the surface: a quick-blitz romp through every jam and style, with a swagger that Miles is known to deliver. Or at least it feels like swagger, because you know where the influences are and you know he’s really aping it the best way he could – convincingly, somewhat, but you feel it’s really just an act and you want to go beyond that. That’s where the other hand comes in: a Miles Kane album ultimately feels empty. It’s fun to listen to, but there’s little you take away with it afterwards. Pop in the record, and it’s a fun thing. Pop it out, and you’ve forgotten the lot. But then, should we demand so much? Can’t we have a record that whisks us, throughout its duration, to a different vibe, a different world? Does every record have to linger with us in the long run? Or maybe it’s because this is the very template Miles did in his last record, only with a different collaborator (this time it’s Jamie T)? Or is it because this record also runs a good half-hour, and you really just want more? I really don’t know. But Coup de Grace is fun while it lasts. [NB]3/5

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