“I need you sticking around ’cause there’s something about you.”

“Future Me Hates Me” by the Beths | Well, this one’s fun. It’s tight, it’s clippy, and it’s really fun, even if the lyrics are a bit more hesitant – and that’s how you marvel at how, well, fun this song is. The band is called the Beths; they’re from New Zealand, and apparently they’ve just released their debut album last week, although this single dropped three months ago or so. I chanced upon this song on a random weekend drive – not that random, but you know what I mean – and what struck me is the clash, of sorts, between the garage stylings of the band and the sweet, almost drowned-out vocals of Elizabeth Stokes. Somehow that clicked for me, and here we are writing about them. Must try the album. [NB]

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