“I’m so tired of moving on.”

“Heat Wave” by Snail Mail | Still continuing our tradition of being behind, this is me writing about Snail Mail, an artist who, like King Princess (who we wrote about last week), went kaboom on my feeds in the past few months. Now, as I’ve been busy – I’m prescheduling this because I am, again, off to Cebu tomorrow – I haven’t had the chance to listen to her debut Lush – released early this year, after two EPs – but I have finally listened to this song, and I’m starting to understand the hype. The songwriting is sharp, but the attitude isn’t: it doesn’t try so hard, and yet it does more. And, again, the realization that Lindsay Jordan is just 19, which means she’s written all these deep in her teenage years… man, what have I been doing with my life? [NB]

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