Review: RIP Indo Hisashi by No Rome

RIP Indo Hisashi by No RomeI don’t think anybody expected No Rome to be our next potential #pinoypride moment. Well, that, and I’m not sure if the cool kids want that to even be the case. But in the past few months, the Filipino producer also known as Rome Gomez attracted attention from the right people, including the 1975‘s Matt Healy and Beats 1 head honcho Zane Lowe, releasing new songs, all four of which appear in his new EP, RIP Indo Hisashi. It’s clear Rome has hit the right spot in the current pop zeitgeist, with his songs striking a confident, evocative chord. His pop is clearly on a different plane, but it’s not too far out to ward people off – I surely wasn’t. (My highlight would have to be “Narcissist”, the collaboration with the 1975; the textures are beautiful.) That said, I am interested in where he goes from here. I’m curious as to how far he pushes his boundaries, or if he’ll stick with his current lane and tweak things to their most perfect (to be dramatic about it) conclusion. RIP Indo Hisashi shows a lot of potential on that front, though, and I look forward to hearing more. And, can I say, I hope many others do? Even if the cool kids don’t like that to happen. No Rome won’t be a secret for long. [NB]4/5

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