Review: Young Sick Camellia by St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Young Sick Camellia by St. Paul and the Broken BonesSt. Paul and the Broken Bones are one of the many soul revivalists around today. May not be a big thing here because we’re not really into our soul, but despite that, they and their ilk manage to evoke a time long gone, when everything was a-shufflin’ and the horn sections ran wild. But then they also have Paul Janeway, whose vocals soars so high they really stand out. So it’s a bit of a shame about Young Sick Camellia, because even if they tried, they can’t seem to make the most of it. All right, the songs do their job well individually, but again, it’s all a matter of sequencing. This record can be too much for some, because it all goes up and up, digging through the nostalgia. To their credit, there are attempts to move the needle forward – I am very sure I hear some 80s electronics sneaking their way in. But I hope they could have done more. They have the ingredients, and they have set their template in the previous records. Why mostly stick to the past? But then, again, the songs are good individually – and in latter tracks like “Concave” and “Bruised Fruit”, where Paul pulls more of the strings, they shine. [NB]3/5

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