“I feel the music in you.”

“You Get What You Give” by New RadicalsTwenty years ago, this album was released. Yes, I’ve gone clickbait-y, pandering to the nostalgic tendencies of my supposed audience, but at least I’ve gone for a nice, round number, rather than the random “31 years ago…” things you tend to see on Facebook. So, yes, New Radicals – aka Gregg Alexander, who previously had a solo career going, and his gang, usually keyboardist Danielle Brisebois – released this one album, Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too, twenty years ago. Released at a time when American alternative was beginning to boil over, it offered a glossy yet gritty sound, and an uplifting yet biting message. It clicked, for the most part: “You Get What You Give” was an international hit (but didn’t really crack the top ten in the United States) and you still hear it today. And then the band split up, Gregg citing, among others, the grind of constant touring and his intention to return to making music for other people. Their second single was going to be “Someday We’ll Know”, which did resurface on the A Walk To Remember soundtrack (now that’s a gold mine, but one for another time). Gregg would go on to write songs for a bunch of people, winning a Grammy for this song, and being nominated for another for this song, which he co-wrote with Danielle. He’s still around, but we have this album as a relic of sorts, and it shouldn’t be. [NB]

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