Things without words #29: How to justify a recent incursion into classical

“Oceanic” by Niklas Paschburg | It’s happened: I have begin listening to more Radio 3. Must be my mindset. I’m still tender, and I’m writing this in the middle of a mood swing (which is also why I’m delaying what’s on the inbox to tomorrow, at the earliest). Well, we did see this coming, right? And also, while I don’t think I’ll ever crack most of what makes classical music intimidating, I can enjoy listening to the late night stuff where classical is a stretch. So, early this week, I woke up to Elizabeth Alker playing this from Niklas Paschburg, who’s from Hamburg, just 23 (or 24) and has both a serene and accessible way with his music. “Oceanic” – also the name of his album, released last February – was such a good thing to wake up to (again, time zone differences) so much so that I was not going to regret my recent incursion into radio geekery in service of my stress levels still being high. And then, hours later, a weird piece comes on and I remember Shalla telling me about why she isn’t going to be into newer composers just yet. [NB]


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