“Have you ever felt like you would always be alone?”

“Blush” by Mr Twin Sister | All right, I am still feeling tender, so I am delaying the inbox further. (Actually it’s because I’ve yet to email the artist for more information.) Here’s another one to wake up to, although technically I didn’t wake up to this. Kimbra was interviewed on Zan Rowe’s show four months ago and – this is how busy I have been – I only got around to listening to the whole thing on the way to work today. Imagine listening to Kimbra’s velvety out-of-concert speaking voice at six in the morning, when the skies are still slightly dark but the sun is definitely rising, introducing this song from a band out of Long Island. Good heavens, this is languid and sad, the same way I am not languid but am pretty sad. Amidst the muted saxophones, which are pretty, are these lingering thoughts. Is there more to this? Damn it, Kimbra, I wish I could interview you. [NB]

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