Review: boygenius by boygenius

boygenius by boygeniusIndividually Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus have different styles and approaches, and yet they’ve been lumped together – perhaps because it’s easy to do so, and also because, well, they’re females with guitars. Easy, yes? Them coming together as boygenius – and releasing an EP of the same name, accompanying a tour – both pokes at that notion, and disrupts it. On paper, the collaboration both makes sense on paper and raises curiosity; while listening, it all comes together. It’s interesting how none of the three lose their individual approaches even if coming together in song, although on the six-track EP some tracks are clearly more lead by one – “Bite the Hand” has Lucy’s guitar work all over, while “Me & My Dog” has Phoebe’s intimacy. Julien’s even more intimate tendencies act as a force pushing and pulling through all the tracks. And yet none of the tracks have a feel of too many cooks in the kitchen. boygenius is clearly one entity, and yet it flies in the face of easy categorization. How much more if we get a full album? [NB]4/5

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