Review: Now! (In A Minute) by Audiobooks

Now! (In A Minute) by AudiobooksThis is the sort of album you’d file under the category “quirky”. The back story certainly is: producer David Wrench met Evangeline Ling at a party, where they ended up bonding over her story snippets, which he suggested be set into music. Thus was born Audiobooks, a project that sounds like a one-off but really has legs to run on. Now! (In A Minute) is an interesting, often beguiling mix of weird pop and weirder interludes, split evenly in half, but neither of which overpower the other. Perhaps the most notable thing about this record is how it feels fully formed despite both the back story and the potential for it to be quite indulgent. The pop songs draw you in: they’re on the jagged edge, but they build up nicely. The audio collages in between – Elizabeth telling her stories, which are of a wild vein to begin with, combined with David’s deliberately quirky production – build up to a world where everything is just kooky enough to be plausible. And yet it all remains grounded in reality. Now! (In A Minute) is an interesting record, and one you ultimately shouldn’t file under “quirky”. Yes, it does have some legs. I hope there is more. [NB] | 4/5

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