Review: Yes or Yes by Twice

Yes or Yes by TwiceSo, here I am again, trying to review a Twice album, after skipping the last one (and noting that we generally skip repackaged albums). It really got frustrating because the group was staying in their lane, and almost three years in it got really annoying. My cousin was a professed Once, but she gave up on the group precisely because they didn’t move and inch – and they were supposed to appeal to her. But then, we ought to give the group credit, because they’ve recently realized they have to grow if they’re to stay relevant beyond their rabid fanbase. Their recent Japanese releases have been interesting, both keeping with the Twice sound while broadening the appeal, going beyond than being just a cute throwaway pop song. (Take their respectful cover of the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”.) Yes or Yes, their sixth Korean mini, takes that direction further, but not too far – too much change can be galling for K-pop groups. The title track doesn’t hit their typical call-and-response shtick until two-third of the way through. Okay, it’s not a revolution, but the mini is at least listenable, even to the point that “BDZ” – a Japanese single that’s cutesy by Twice standards – isn’t annoying. Your best hint at growth is in the music video, though: a mature look, Jihyo owning her unexpected visual position, and more importantly, all of them are dancing properly now. [NB]3/5

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