Things without words #30: Now we know the reason behind the melting


“Flash Frame” by Kaos Protokoll | Earlier this year I wrote about Swiss jazz band Kaos Protokoll, and went on about how it feels like I’m melting when I listened to them. Well, there’s more of that now, with the release of new album Everyone Nowhere tomorrow. “New Chapter”, the previous track we’ve written about, is there, but the shareable now is opening track “Flash Frame”, which puts the record – described as “a scathing assessment of where we ended up, not only as a culture, but also as a species” – in perspective. It still melts, sure, but there’s this build-up in this track that swells, and swells – but then it makes sense when you listen to the record in whole, where the melting isn’t so much reminiscent of the heat but now an indictment into how, um, spineless we can be. But then, I can be weird when interpreting Swiss post-jazz bands. It reads like a high school report, but by the end of the record you know where Kaos Protokoll stands, or at least you have an idea. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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