“I know that we are stars ‘cos the moon follows me home.”

“Mahal Kita” by Emmy the Great | So, I am back in Hong Kong today, this time for the day job. Flying Cathay Pacific again like last time. It’s a bit of a nice tie-in to have their inflight entertainment system have this Emmy the Great song on, the same month she wrote this for their magazine. Shalla pointed this out to me a couple of weeks back; it’s a song I was supposed to write about the first time it came out. (Or maybe I tweeted about it?) Yes, that’s Filipino in the title; she wrote this song to tie in with an essay she did last year about domestic workers in Hong Kong, particularly the Filipinos there. I recall the Sunday we did spend in the city; the one day these workers have off, they’re all over the place, in parks and sidewalks and “sitting areas”, mats laid down, essentially having a picnic. I know Filipinos congregate in Central on this day, but we weren’t due to cross the harbor until Tuesday. We got off Diamond Hill MTR and I was hearing a lot of Filipino, and not just from us. Fascinating, yet sad at the same time. That said, even shorn of context there is a sadness to the imagery evoked in the lyrics… and that one wisp of hopefulness in the title. Or maybe it’s because I am Filipino. [NB]

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