“I didn’t know you love me so.”

“Let’s Live Forever, Love” by Roman Andrén | A little update about Monocle 24, whose music policy we kind of reviewed three years ago: they seem to have dropped most of the K-pop (save for this song and a couple of others), and focused squarely on the jazzy side of things. It shouldn’t be a problem, if not for the fact that the station sounds a bit more repetitive now than it actually was before. (I wanted you to expand the playlist, not restrict it!) Still I listen in occasionally – it still makes me feel like I am on a business trip, especially when I was on a business trip last week. This song came on while I was dilly-dallying through the morning routine one morning: a track, from three years ago, from Swedish jazz musician Roman Andrén. Sounds right for the morning, really: it swings, and then it throws you back a bit. But then, weirdly, I have more of a thing for the original version with the likely sampled vocals than the more straightforward studio version. But again, maybe it’s the morning talking. [NB]


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