“I got nowhere to go tonight.”

“Joyride” by Shy Shy Shy | I have been so busy I have lost track of Shy Shy Shy’s little project, releasing songs for the Danish television show Doggystyle. I mean, the last time I wrote about it I didn’t even know the show’s title. We’ve written about “Sober”, and two more songs have been released since then. I assume “Doggystyle (Pretty Please)” is the actual theme song, and it’s similarly languid, if not a bit more familiar in comparison with the stuff they have released before. But this third track, “Joyride”, is pretty. Here they really strip back, just Simon’s guitar and Astrid’s vocals and nothing more, at least initially. And it does put things into perspective, doesn’t it? It builds nicely but it doesn’t lose sight of the essentials. I guess I have to look up that television show now. Will Netflix have it? [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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