Review: Blue;S by Mamamoo

Blue;S by MamamooI’ve long accepted that Mamamoo won’t return to the retro-flavored sound that established them years ago, but their recent releases have been frustrating. In their pursuit of pop trends, their last couple of releases – part of a four-mini project that was supposed to run the whole year – have seen their members’ talents a bit squandered, bearing the weight of the visual concept. (Red Moon, I am looking at you with disappointment.) Now comes Blue;S, the third installment in said project, and it’s… encouraging? It’s definitely the most consistent album they’ve released since Melting, although only one of its tracks – the single “Wind Flower” – gets close to channeling that full-length’s retro charms. The mini does not attempt to shake off Mamamoo’s newfound preference for the epic, but it does tone it down a bit; the mini actually sounds wispy. But the group (and the producers behind them) smartly take a step back and bring the focus back on the vocals, the very thing that got them recognized better than most. Oh, the harmonies. I have missed them. It no longer sounds like they’re showing off at each other’s expense, but rather, working together. This moment may not last, but it’s a comforting one nonetheless. [NB] | 4/5

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