“Make the drive to Jefferson – and don’t stop!”

“The Spot” by Your Smith | I’ve decided to park what I was supposed to feature today for next week – I am letting it boil – so instead here’s a song I only heard yesterday. Or did I? Caroline Smith came from Minneapolis, after all. I listen to a lot of the Current; you put two and two together. Anyway, she performs as Your Smith – but only recently – and this is one song of hers, something that feels both familiar and fresh at the same time. Interesting how pretty much everybody in the comments were going “Sheryl Crow!” particularly connecting this to “All I Wanna Do”; I did not get that reference, even if that song was all over my childhood, somewhat. Someone also compared her to something from 1979. So, old references. Not bad. We can always go far with a throwback. [NB]


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