Things without words #31: Compressing all that time

“Tomorrow Never Knows” by Angelo Repetto | This album has been sitting on my inbox for a month, but then, there was a request, not that peculiar, to let it sit for a while. So, here I am, not writing about it just before the album release, which apparently is still music blogger standard practice. I have listened to Roboto a couple of times in its entirety in between, in places when I just need something to fill the space in between writing or being stressed. The debut album from Angelo Repetto – half of Swiss duo Wolfman, who I have written about a few months ago – is an instrumental delight, filled with synths that you cannot easily wrap your finger around. This, despite the press release explaining to me that Angelo’s dad is from dark wave pioneers Grauzone (yes, I had to look them up too; I’m seven time zones away and all) which meant an upbringing surrounded by synthesizers and all the possibilities they brought. Roboto just vaguely reminds you of the 80s when this music came out on a scratchy radio signal, but then, it contorts to whatever you’re up to, whatever time of the day it is, whether you’re in chilly (I assume) Zurich or not-at-all-chilly-despite-what-they-say Manila. It takes all that time and compresses it, and serves it to you, and you’re wherever you think you ought to be. It’s a bender, this. Also, it’s a surprisingly potent pop record. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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