Review: Time For Us by GFriend

Time For Us by GFriendMaybe I just liked “Time for the Moon Night” too much. I knew GFriend tends to not really commit to their concepts – they’ve had sad singles accompanied by the frothy stuff, although the mini that accompanied that single came close. I also dismissed the serviceable Sunny Summer as a seasonal aberration; maybe they’d continue with what they’ve had before in their next release? They’ve been sentimental to the point of killing Eunha off in their music videos, after all. Time For Us‘ lead track, “Sunrise”, does continue from what came before; while it doesn’t quite instantly capture the imagination the way its spiritual predecessor did, it has some interesting tricks – and it has Eunha doing the note, for once. Everything else is GFriend’s trademark upbeat pop, but somewhat more coy in its beats; I’ll reference the cool of Stellar’s “Sting” once again. But nothing stands out, and the fact that Time For Us is a full-length album means the monotony really drags out. Not even Sowon finally rapping – or the Korean version of “Memoria”, which is so badly mixed – could make this worth the anticipation. I’m not saying it’s a really bad album. I’m just extremely disappointed with everything else. Why can’t you stick with the sad concept? Or, why make this into a full album instead of a mini? [NB]2/5

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