“If they don’t wanna give it, then you take it!”

“2019” by Kid Kapichi | I noticed that we weren’t really optimistic, generally, when 2019 came in. I’m not a sunny person, so it wasn’t a big, jarring change. But you also do realize that it’s partly because people are just accepting that it’s going to be a sucky year – unless you’re feeling politically lucky, I guess. Am I reading too much about this song from Hastings-based quarter Kid Kapichi? Not really – they themselves imply this song is about Brexit, and what a clusterfuck it’s been in the past few weeks, in particular, and that recurring theme of adults shuffling off this plane of existence making decisions that will adversely affect the people they left behind, for the sake of feeling good about themselves. (Hello, Duterte drones.) At least they have the fight in them. That, and the song’s slightly carnival-esque approach highlights all the absurdity of egos determining a whole generation’s future. But then, it’s me reading too much into this, perhaps. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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