The Local Outsider #34: The Bed Bites, Jellie and Kremesoda

It’s become clear to me that this column is badly timed. I arbitrarily scheduled it for the last Thursday of the month, not really thinking much about it, but in the past few months there’s always a flurry of new single releases – from acts I would’ve otherwise missed – happening at around this time of the month. Well, it’s good that more are starting to toot their horns about local independent acts, but is it too much to wish that they get scattered across the month? Yeah, because who am I anyway? Just a so-called music blogger who’s always late. But then, that is the point of this column. I have to remind myself that.


The Bed Bites released two singles in the past few months, and that’s definitely been lost in the shuffle because, apart from having to keep an ear on these releases, I have way too many things I’m juggling. As I write these paragraphs, I realize those two songs – “Milky Way” and “Moonpie” – have names that make me hungry. Desserts. Chocolate-based desserts. They’re snackable songs, sure, but they’re not the sort that you just treat like guilty pleasures. They’re not just saccharine; they feel more substantial than that. It’s the sort of sound I’d expect from a band who’s been around for a while, and… okay, I don’t know how long these guys have been around.


Jellie is one of those acts who released a single around the time one of these columns came out – at least that’s what I remember – and only now have I gotten around to hearing “Kind of Love”. Seems well-timed to me. It’s been really cool lately, and this fits the weather. Now, damn, is that a vibraphone? I don’t know my instruments. But then the saxophone kicks in, a lone, muted one, and then there’s Jellie’s voice, which, coming in blind, I was afraid would be the typical slightly chirpy voice you’d expect singer-songwriters of a certain aesthetic to have. This song is a pleasant surprise all around, and it’s just this one song under her name on Spotify. When’s the second?


Finally, Kremesoda, who recently competed in this year’s Wanderbattle but really attracted me because of the name. Another one of those cases again. (Also, there is an accidental sweets theme running through this month’s column.) Thankfully for my arbitrarily-scheduled column they just released a single, a nice surf-y little thing that doesn’t really clash with this cool weather we’re having lately. It’s a breezy little thing that tells you that, up ahead, the sun will be shining a little brighter and we’ll all be complaining about the heat, but maybe we can escape that. Also, apparently they’ve been around for a while. I told you, I can be really late… [NB]

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