Review: King of the Dudes by Sunflower Bean

King of the Dudes by Sunflower BeanAcross two albums Sunflower Bean seems to have been trying on different costumes as they set out to find a sound all their own. They’ve done well at it, but somehow it seems they’re still restlessly uncomfortable, although Twentytwo in Blue riffing on the classic Fleetwood Mac sound went well for them. Now, they’ve got a new EP out, seeing them try yet another outfit – but, true to their restless form, it’s just four tracks and twelve minutes long. This time King of the Dudes sees the New York trio riff on the power pop sound of the 80s and 90s, although with enough of a modern spin to not sound out of place with the pop-rock of a whole decade later. No, this isn’t the sound of Sunflower Bean selling out. It’s fizzy, sure, but it feels potent, and it feels really exciting. Julia Cumming in particular embraces the more front-and-center role this sound gives to her, giving an extra edge to the songs. But knowing the band, this isn’t the point where it all coalesces for them. Maybe we’ll see a couple more costume changes. I hope this energy keeps up when that happens. [NB]4/5


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