Review: Gallipoli by Beirut

Gallipoli by BeirutConventional wisdom says that if you’re feeling a bit stressed out, nothing beats going back to something comfortable. Well, this week has been stressful, with a big event looming (it’s actually going on, like, right now, as this goes live), so during a rare gap I’m listening to Beirut’s Gallipoli. Zach Condon has mastered the sound of the pastoral, atmospheric side of indie pop, and that’s pretty much what you should expect here. If anything this record feels more atmospheric than before: more instrumental interludes, more soaring trumpets, more little things here and there. I’m pretty sure this album literally glows like a flame. But then, this is the sound Beirut has done for years, and while it is comforting, I wasn’t quite sure if an out-and-out throwback is really what I need, or what we need in these times. I mean, now and four years ago, when Beirut last released an album – there’s a pretty stark difference, and you don’t deal with it by just escaping. It’s one thing to recall a rose-tinted past; it’s another to be stuck in it. Gallipoli feels a bit stuck in it. Whether that bothers you, well, that is the variable. [NB]3/5

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