“…and no one can save me from drowning in you.”

“Torrential River” by Jylda | We’re writing about Jylda again. The London-based (via Berlin) singer-songwriter also known as Gianna Gehlhar has been featured on this blog a couple of years back, and now she’s preparing to release a new EP, Twitch, sometime in the northern hemisphere’s spring. “Torrential River” is the first track off it, and while it still has that cold, mysterious feel we got from “The Body” a couple of sun cycles back, this one feels just a little poppier, dare I say a little sunnier? I don’t trust myself with these terms anymore. But it’s still as enchanting as you’d expect – or not, if you haven’t listened to her the first time. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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